“The More You Give…The More I Have.”

-Tony Midas


D.O.P.E. Disciple Starter Pack!

The best deal for Tony Midas fans! -THREE signed 8×10’s -A signed Tony Midas Trading card, -A Midas event tee -An exclusive Letter of D.O.P.E.nticity! What better way to proclaim you are certified D.O.P.E. than a letter from the man himself?!!!! “Being D.O.P.E. isn’t just about being successful at everything you do. I mean, that’s a large part of it, probably the most important part, but not everything.” – Tony Midas


Tony Midas Trading card!

NEW! 2.5″ X 3.5″ Vertical print on 14. pt Gloss quality card stock, 2 sided with info and stats on the back! Can be signed if requested. “Can the Blue Eyes White Dragon put you in a Full Nelson? Didn’t think so.” – Tony Midas


Event Exclusive! Midas “KING” tee (Sizes S-3XL)

Thanks to the incredible artwork by A. Manzo (@warriorcandies on IG and Twitter) your Upper Echelon Don has finally been brilliantly immortalized on his own tee! With the iconic Midas logo blazoned on the back, you’ll definitely be turning heads everywhere you do with this bad boy! The first 10 purchases will include a certificate of D.O.P.E.ntcity signed by the man himself!!


Signed 8×10: Freshest Entrance in the Game

That moment in life when time stands still. Midas and his iconic triumphant pose. You can’t call yourself a D.O.P.E. disciple and not pick this up.


Signed 8×10: LOTMD Tony Midas

Before he was simply D.O.P.E. he was Lord of the Most Dope! What’s that? Not as catchy? Kind of a mouthful? Why do you think he changed it?!!! Regardless these 8×10’s are not being reprinted so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good! “Midas by any other name is just as D.O.P.E.” – Tony Midas


Signed 8×10: Rookie Year Midas

Midas’ very first year of wrestling. No fro, no gold, but plenty of arrogance. Very limited supply left! Own a piece of history! “If you didn’t support me from day 1 you can now pretend you did, and that’s just as good to me.” – Tony Midas