Who is tony midas?

Born Antonio Saul Midas in Phoenix, Arizona the “Upper Echelon Don” always knew he was destined for great things, but it wasn’t until 2004 that he realized his calling. “I caught the main event of Mania 20. It was the culmination of everything I had no idea I wanted: the drama, the skill, the pageantry.” Midas smiled in remembrance, “More importantly and maybe without realizing it, a belief that I could do this was born.”

He would go on to graduate from Arizona State University at the top of his class. “People told me college would be some kind of test, but it was a damn cake walk. I had the world open up to me, and for the first time I had to ask myself what do I want to do with my life?” In response Tony moved out to Atlanta and trained at the legendary WWA4 wrestling school. “Again I was told that professional wrestling was some unattainable goal, but I proved everyone wrong.”

Still early on in his career, Midas is hungry for more opportunities and opponents. “I say I’m D.O.P.E. and I mean it, I want to be remembered as one of the best to ever do it. Anything else is failure, and Tony Midas does not fail.”

What is D.O.P.E.?

Dominant – “This whole game is cerebral. Everyone talks about who can run fastest, jump highest or hit hardest, but that won’t get you consistent wins. There’s a moment that comes when my opponent thinks they’ve got me. Maybe a flush kick, a top rope maneuver that reached unreal heights, or a signature slam that was executed perfectly. Textbook cover,, no window for escape,, i can feel their excitement.Then I still kick out. That silent concession in their eyes, it’s intoxicating. Knowing I’m better than their best. I live for it.”

Over – I build everywhere I go. D.O.P.E. disciples follow me not because I get the job done in the ring, but because that energy permeates all facets of my life. Whatever I see, if I want it, it becomes mine.”

Practically – Pro Wrestling is a world of ‘what-ifs’. Could Tony Midas defeat the stars and legends of yesterday? Honestly, I probably could. But I leave that conjecture for the dorks in the message boards. I’m focused on the now. I say ‘practically’ out of respect to all the legends who unfortunately never got the chance to come up short to me.”

Everyone – “The idea that there’s someone out there who doesn’t know who Tony Midas is-it eats me up inside. It’s not enough that I know I’m the best, it has to be indisputable fact in the mind of every peer, fan, and pundit on the planet.”