Tony Midas announces return to Pro Wrestling.

ATLANTA, Ga., May 5, 2021 – “That first glimmer of hope is here” Midas proudly announced to a hand picked selection of family, friends, and members of the press. The melodramatic line didn’t quite resonate this overcast summer’s day as the audience sat in stumped silence.

Perhaps it’s a sense of disbelief. The Midas camp had gone completely silent for several months, and even before that any questions about future opponents were met with coldness and even outright disdain. “If it’s coming down the line, you’ll be the last to know.” was now an infamous line Tony delivered outside his Atlanta home, resembling little of the boisterous and open demeanor he was known for within the press. Amidst the silence it was only natural that speculation started to fly that “The Upper Echelon Don” had entered into a quiet retirement.

Today, he admitted those rumors offended him. “That’s a word you use when you’ve reached milestones, when you know you’ve got a legacy secure. I haven’t even earned that word. I got a lot of work that needs to be done.” Though he spoke with a smile, there was no humor in his tone. “And there’s nothing about Tony Midas that’s ‘quiet’, let’s get that straight.”

Either way, the Midas camp has its work cut out for them if they want to recapture his spark. His last title reign was in 2019 and only lasted a few months, while his last 10 matches were a mediocre split of 5 wins to 5 losses. “2 of those loses came by DQ,” Tony said. “I was mentally fatigued and a lot of referee calls weren’t going my way. If you really go back to those matches and look objectively; bias officiating aside I’d be 8-2, 7-3 at least.”

While the press conference was a celebration for Tony’s return one thing it was not was an announcement for an upcoming match. “Still a lot of negotiations to be done, and I’m weighing my options.” Midas took a moment to think, “It’s not everyday you can make a second 1st impression.”

When Midas does return he seems determined to make a statement. The only question remaining is when and at who’s expense?

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